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Is the name of the company which runs the shop and the information-center in Landmannalaugar.  This activity takes place in two green school-busses, driven to the highland in summer and back down to the flatland in authumn.  Those members of Fjallafang, who work in the highlands, are Smári and Nína, the same people who made this homepage.  12 summers in Fjallafang gave them the experience and interest to make the homepage.

From the year 2011 Fjallafang has new owners. Smári and Nína are living and making art in Westfjörds :)




Offered in our shop on wheels

Mainly we´ll provide the same products, prices and services as the last two summers. We´ll put more emphasis on healthy nurishment, exspecially the main soja products.
This summer there seems to be tolerable situation in the country, conserning gas cartridges. We´ll benefit from that.
Souveniers are not our department, except if they are useful (wool products and postcards). Though we would like to proudly present the hairy trout. It was specially designed and produced for our shop by artist Marian Edna Gierman. This is the only place where they are available and there will hardly be more than ten of those legendary creatures.
The only hot nurishment that we do provide is koffee, tea and chocolate. We offer you touristic informations as much as we have knowledge and time for. We still sell fishing permits and as far as we know, they still will be for low price.

What we offered from summer 2004

In the shop:

Eatable: Fresh charr, our oldest tradishion, will still be offered.  But since we don´t catch them any more ourselves, we have less control on the supplies.  Sometimes we´ll have it and sometimes not. Last summer was the first one, like that. The new fishermen did their work wery well, so all people who ordered in good advance got their fish. There will be no fish cooked in the shop.  There will not be any hot meals served there, exept for maybe soup at lunchtime.  The popular sandwiches will be made, like last years, and with the same prices (250-350 kr.).
  sandwich350 kr.

The price of hot drinks will be 200 kr.like last summer (one refill is included).  The same kinds of cool drinks will be available but we want to emphasise healthy juices instead of bubble-suger-water like Coke and such things.  Same prices as last year.  Those who thirst after alcohol must keep being thirsty.  We only offer the 2.25% pilsner kind.

Candy/sweety-things will be approximately the same, both for luxury and as pure source for energy. 
Bread comes fresh from the bakery in Hella, 6 days a week. 
cinnamon Kanilsnúður 100kr. Cinnamon roll.
kleina Kleina - kleinur. Icelandic speciality - lightly sweet.
vinabrauð Vínarbrauð 100-120kr.
lavacake Súkkulaðibítakaka 180kr., merciful name for tourists - lavacake
terta Djöflaterta 120-150kr. You don´t need to know it´s name - just eat it.

Dairy products are more difficult to get, but we´ll do our best and try always to provide something.
  Icelandic cheese

The same with fruits and vegetables.  At least we´ll try not to have less than 2-3 sorts at the time.

Backbag-nourishment will be the same:  breakfast-corns, pastas, soups, tinfood, rice, dried fruits and nuts and some more things.  We are determined always to have enough dried fish, but we´re not so sure about sausages.

Uneatable Gas and other cooking-materials were available in the country the last summer. We have not been informed about a new crisis, so you´ll get the most common sorts by us (for all common kinds of cooking equipments). 

Some rain-protections we´ll provide and (don´t laugh) sun-oils and mosquito-nets.  That really can be useful. Machine-made socks, gloves and scharfs will also be there.

Now we´re studying the hikers equipments, so this summer we´ll have more than lip-protections, shoe-strings and band-aids.  To avoid boredom in rainy days, our customers can buy postcards, candles, playing-cards and condoms.  And to avoid them getting lost when the weather gets better, we have variable kinds of maps for the area. The newest one is made by ourselves, a hikers map for Landmannalaugar, after studying for years what that kind of map needs to have. And this one has it (exept of being exact enough for making measurements, since this is done in a free, artistic way).

Smokers can ceep their bad habits, but tobacco is expensive in our shop.  They can try nose-tobacco for a change, we also have that.

For rent:  This is no official tent-rental, but last summer we had one tent which saved quite some people from problems.  But please, don´t count on that service.  Most likely we´ll rent fishing-rods.  There are many who don´t realise what brilliant fishing-lakes are all around and that they can buy the licence for them in our shop.

In the information-center:

Map for hikers

Last two summers we had exelent co-operators in the information-center in Hella.  They took the brandnew weather-forecast from the internet and put it on the Landmannalaugar-bus.  This summer we´ll do everything to get the same service from the info-agent in Hella.  The newest morning-paper, Mogginn, arrives with the same bus, 7 times a week. 

Around Iceland and the other most important travelling brocures will be there for free.  Announcements about tourist-services and events in South-Iceland are hung out, whenever there is a free spot.  But not on the windows.  The view is sacral.  Tables and chairs are both outside and inside. 

Our pride, the orginal-made triple Landmannalaugar-map, with it´s measurement-sticks will stay at it´s throne, oposite the interior tables.  The sealing is cowered with maps of the whole country: one geological-, one tectonic-, one vegetation-, one bird-map and some other maps, related to this highland area. There also are a few bird-perspective photos. 

The iron closet again offers entertainment-literature and we hope to be able to add some more copies with practical informations to that library.  Handbooks and other real books with educational value, on the other hand, are behind the desk by the salesman.  He also happens to be the information-agent.  But please be kind to him, when he´s busy.  He does not get paid for his information-service.



















marinated trout

Graved trout - not lax!

smoked trout

Smoked trout.
Flatkaka - original icelandic flatbread - with smoked trout, usually sold out - so enjoy the picture.

2005 edition - sold out.

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