All about and around Landmannalaugar in the highlands of Iceland. 
    Built on personal experience and taste of insiders.
    Though experience is big and taste is great, try other issues as well, to be sure.

Smári and Nína


proud owners
©Robert Bintig 2003 /


We are...

professional artists, owners of probably the smallest icelandic food store, which is opened only two months each year, and much more.

We suspect that we are very lucky to be what we are. And where we are.

Sometimes we even meet very nice people. Hi, nice people, thank you for that!

See you sometime, somewhere.

But now -from 2011- we are... the same as mentioned above, except for being owner of the food store. We have settled in Ísafjörður, where we work with our profession.

   Nína Ivanova & Ómar Smári Kristinsson © 2003—2011

last updated - 01.10.2011