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   Translation on the most common terms,
appearing in topographical names.

Few tips for visitors in Landmannalaugar

The scheduled-bus from Reykjavk to Landmannalaugar leaves, in the summertime, daily from the Bus Central Station, BS at 8:30. A two-ways-ticket cost 7.900 kr. in 2003.

Roads on maps and roads in reality are not the same. There is a way to reach Landmannalaugar by a normal car, but use a 4-wheel-drive car to be sure. Normal car-rental-insurances are not valid in the highland.

There are 40 km. from Landmannalaugar to the nearest tank-station. In most highland areas the distance is a lot longer than that.

In the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, you are not alloved to camp everywhere. You may only do it at Landmannalaugar, Landmannahellir and Hrafntinnusker. Dont count on a tent-rent. Bring your own tent. At those places are also huts. For them you need a reservation. For Landmannahellir call 853 8407 or 893 8407. For Landmannalaugar and Hrafntinnusker call 568 2533. A bit outside the reserve is the highland-motel and tankstation Hrauneyjar (487 7782 or 487 7750).

In Landmannalaugar you can buy food, local maps and more. Be equipped for all kinds of weather before you enter the highland.

There is a horse-rent in Landmannalaugar. You dont need to bring equippments or skills for it. Guidet tours in various lengths.

In Landmannahellir and Landmannalaugar you can buy cheap fishing-license for the mountain-lakes. You can rent a fishing rod in Landmannalaugar, but you better bring your own. Most of the time, you can buy fresh trout in the shop in Landmannalaugar, but to be sure, you should order it 2 days in advance (minimum 1 kg.) in 854 0974 (from 1. July to 31. August).

Alda: smooth hill or mountain

Austur: east

: river

Barmur: ridge

Bl(r): blue

Brandur (gen. Brands): male name

Gil: gorge or canyon

Dalur: walley

Fell: hill or mountain

Fjall: mountain

Foss: waterfall

Frosti: male name

H(r) (plur. hu): high (big) or loud

Hls: hill, usually a long one

Hellir: cave

Hnaus: clod

Hnkur: peak

Hraun: lava

Hver: spring og boiler

Hfi: high point of land (lit. cape)

Jkull: glacier

Kvsl: confluent

Land: land or country (here it refers to the name of the community, Landsveit)

Laug (plur. Laugar): spring or warm pool

Lei: way

Litli/litla: little, low, small

Ljtur: ugly

Menn (gen. manna): men, people (belonging to men)

Nmur: old version of the word "nma", meaning mine

Norur: north

Pollur: pool, puddle

Rauur: red

Reykur (gen. reykja): smoke or steam

Stri/stra: big

Suur: south

Torfi: male name

Va: fort

Vatn: lake og water

Vegur: road or path

Vestur: west




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